The Top Browser Extensions for Amazon

written on 2020-3-03 05:32

Are you looking for constant updates about your listing’s performance? If so, it’s high time you considered investing in an Amazon Chrome Extension. Over the next few sections of this article, we will discuss the features of these plugins and how they work.    

What Are These All About?    

For the uninitiated, a Chrome extension is a plugin of an existing Amazon product research tool or application. This browser plugin can be installed in Chrome for getting instant updates about your product’s performance, its sales volume, and every other relevant detail.    

Are these Products Worth Your Money?   

It is worth noting that most chrome plugins come free of cost. There are, however, paid plans for other products depending on the features they bring on the table. Either way, we think it’s worth investing in these products, given the value and benefits they offer you.    

The Best Sales Estimator Extensions on Amazon   

Amazon merchants willing to use a Chrome Amazon Extension for estimating sales on their listings might find the following list incredibly helpful. As you keep reading, you will find detailed insights into the most useful plugins that help assess and analyze your product’s overall sales rank.    

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

The Amazon Extension Chrome for Jungle Scout offers just the same features as the original Jungle Scout Tool. You can turn this plugin on any time to check how your product is performing, the overall sales it is generating, and the potential profit it might generate over the next few months. Additionally, you will find guidelines to improve your listing, details about the right keywords, and every other fact you want to know.    

Helium 10 Plugin   

Do you want your Amazon listing to stand an edge ahead of competitors? If so, the Chrome Extension Amazon for Helium 10 might just be the product you’re looking for. As with the majority of the plugins, this one comes all the features of the Helium 10 app. Although you need to pay a small fee to avail the services, we’d still recommend it given the incredible benefits it offers.    

 Viral Launch Market Intelligence   

In this growing age of competition, your product can never stand out unless you power it up with relevant market intelligence data. And this is exactly what the Viral Launch plugin does. It informs you about your listing metrics, including its performance and past performance based on customer data. Thanks to its advanced big data-powered system, you will be duly informed about the product metrics in real-time.    


If you’re an Amazon merchant looking to sell the best products, this is one plugin that’ll meet your requirements. As with the original AMZScout  tool, this one helps you conduct a research on the top-selling items on this eCommerce platform depending on the purchase-history and the demand. Since you’re now  well aware  of the best listings, you can use the same for your listing and drive profits instantly.    

AMZ Seller Browser   

This is yet another excellent tool from AMZ powered tool that helps you target maximum customers by selling what they actually need. The browser also works quite well in informing you about product trends, customer metrics, sale volumes, and every other seller insight you’d want to know.    

DS Amazon Quick View   

This is another great tool for researching product performance. All you need to do is key in the seller ranking and the required seller details on the plugin’s page. Once you do this, this nifty little tool will instantly update you about all relevant product detail. You will find out how it’s doing in the market in real-time.    

The Camelizer   

When it comes to free amazon seller chrome extension, the Camelizer is almost impossible to beat. This tool is best known for its price tracking feature that’ll enable you to set the right price against your listing. Additionally, you can also go the extra mile by leveraging its feature for resaerching keywords that’ll help you to target the right keywords on all your listings. This will increase your product’s visibility and overall revenue.     

amazon fba chrome extension

Amazon FBA Keyword Tool   

If you’re an FBA merchant who’s looking to top the sales rank, the Amazon FBA tool might help you with the job. This tool helps you research the best and the most useful keywords depending on their search volume. When you target these keywords on your product’s listing, your item automatically gains more traction and the overall purchase volume significantly increases.    

Bottom Line  

Well, these were some of the many Chrome extensionsfor Amazon product research, keyword research, and everything else you need to know. Check the features and choose the most suitable product from the list.    


Q. Are Amazon Chrome Plugins Free of Cost?   

A Since most Amazon plugins are available free of cost, you won’t need to pay any extra fee to use them. The paid or free versions, however, might differ (in features) depending on the app you’re using.    

Q. Does Chrome Have an Amazon Assistant?    

A Yes, Chrome comes with a dedicated Amazon assistant that informs you about all the trends, changes, and updates on your existing listings.    

Q. Is There Any Specific Good Rank on Amazon?    

A When it comes to Amazon, any seller rank between one and three is deemed good.    

Q. Does Amazon Have SEO?    

 Yes, you will have the feature for optimizing your listing according to a set of specific keywords. You can use a keyword research tool for that purpose.    




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