The Importance Of Amazon Sales Rank

written on 2020-2-16 05:01

Amazon Sales Rank 

what is a good amazon sales rank

The above figure shows the Amazon sales rank chart.

Amazon accommodates millions of users (buyers and sellers) as well as products. On Amazon, certain factors somewhat determine your success. Success on Amazon signifies how well you make sales and profits. The secret to making more sales on Amazon is to improve one's sales rank. I'm sure Amazon sellers must have seen or heard this before. If you have not, this article will enlighten you on what it is and how it works. 

What is Amazon Sales Rank?

Amazon Sales Rank has to do with the number of sales made by a seller when compared with other sellers in that niche. Most times, it has more to do with how often the seller makes sales on Amazon. So the shorter the period between the seller's current transaction and the previous sale, the higher the rank. 

As a matter of fact, Amazon's Sales Rank (ASR) can also be called Best Seller Rank (BSR). The lower in rank your product is, the lesser sales you have made. If you're trying to get which product is famous, Best Seller Rank will help you determine that. 

A product on Amazon with rank 1 is the most popular product, while rank 3 is the third most popular product. Which one of the ranks do you think will earn more sales? Rank 1, of course. This is why many Amazon users strive to gain high sales ranks. 

I must admit that it is one of the most difficult goals to achieve — Amazon sellers who achieved high ranks actually put in a lot of work while some were just blessed. 

How is Amazon Sales Rank Calculated?

In the real sense, Amazon itself doesn't release how they rank products. We can really tell whether it is the number of searches, reviews, or relevance to buyers. You can make use of Amazon sales rank calculator.

However, what we have are specifications, theories, and tricks tried by Top Amazon sellers that have proven useful and productive. Some of these theories include:

● Time Frame 

● Number of sales

It is believed that time affects a product's sales rank on Amazon. What do we mean by this? This theory states that how frequently a product is sold within a short time frame determines a high Amazon sales rank. The shorter the time between your last sale and your current sale, the better your sales rank. 

Another theory said that the number of sales made within the last rank calculation affects sales rank on Amazon.

Why is it important?

If you're a new Amazon seller or aspiring to be one, this aspect is crucial for you. Sales on Amazon actually determines a lot. 

When people search for the services you render, your rank determines what they first see. The first rank in any category will be the first product seen when a buyer searches. 

We can also liken this sales rank to your position back when you were in school. The person who tops the class is the most brilliant and bags home all the prices, get a scholarship to college, and so on. Achieving a good Amazon Sales Rank will help improve your sales daily. 

Steps to Improve Your Sales Rank on Amazon

As said earlier in this article, there are no formulas to achieve high sales rank on Amazon. Actually, there are formulas, but no one can tell which one is guaranteed. Here are a few steps we have collated to improve your sales rank on Amazon. 

1. Ensure your title is well optimized. Keywords also mean a ton on Amazon. Ensure you fit in the right keywords in your product title include Brand name, product name, and features. 

2. Pricing. Amazon is a very large place, with about 244 million buyers ready to purchase your products any time any day. Try to lower your prices a little to gain more customers.

3. Product Descriptions. When I visit a product page, reading the description alone can set me off. Try to write authentic and unique descriptions for your product.

4. Make use of high-quality images. Good images can attract more customers.

5. Devise a kick-ass FAQ. This will help answer questions clients would want to know. 

6. Try including discounts and promotions as part of your offer. This will attract more customers, improve your sales as well as improve your sales ranking.

However, to make it easier, you can make use of tools such as Amazon sales rank tracker and so on.


Amazon sales rank or best seller rank should always be considered. It determines whether your product will be sold or not. Every Amazon seller must work hard to achieve better sales rank on Amazon.

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