How MerchantWords Makes it Easy for Amazon Sellers to View Customer Searches

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Selling items of an eCommerce website as big as Amazon requires that you one to be tactical. This means understanding how the site works and ensuring that your business makes a deliberate effort to stay ahead of the competition. 

Amazon is a diverse marketplace. One way to search the huge database of items on the site is using a tool that offers you a complete view of searches that customers make at any given time. 

This is where Merchant Words comes in. 

Defining MerchantWords

MerchantWords is a 'Fulfilled by Amazon' tool that comes with great keyword search features. As an FBA tool, MerchantWords is designed to help Amazon sellers identify the items that different customers search. 

With a database of 1.6 billion keywords, m erchant words is considered one of the best keyword search tools on Amazon. Some benefits that MerchantWord enjoy include:

  • Access to keywords from global marketplaces
  • Analysis of keyword history
  • Data collection in real time
  • Optimizing product discoverability

What Amazon Sellers Achieve with Merchant Words

Merchant words comes with a wide range of features that include: 

  • Classic search
  • Collections
  • Keyword multiplier
  • Listing advisor 
  • Asin Plus
  • Page 1 Products 

Using each of these features, Amazon sellers are able to perform unique activities to spur the growth of their businesses. Here's how online sellers are building business using merchant words discount unique features:

Creating Amazon Listings

The Listing Advisor feature is designed to help sellers develop Amazon Listings that cause online businesses to be noticed in a crowded space. Using this feature, Amazon sellers are able to generate product listings that have: 

  • HTML and text descriptions
  • Titles that are optimized with keywords
  •  A free rewrite
  • A keyword bundle

Getting possible alternatives of keywords

The classic search feature allows Amazon sellers to identify new item ideas based on volumes of unique or rare search queries. The feature works in a way that is similar to the A9 algorithm on Amazon. With IO Scout Chrome Extension all product data right on Amazon pages. Sellers only have to key in a keyword that they are interested in and merchant words review proceeds to display all possible keyword alternatives that exist. Users are able to gauge how competitive different keywords are and decide on them most promising product keywords. 

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Storing different Amazon lists

MerchantWords comes with a feature called collections that allows users to set up as well as store diverse Amazon lists that are based on search queries. When using this feature, varying keywords pop up just below the search key. On these pop ups, sellers are able to view creative idea options that they could use to label items they decide to sell in future. Usually, users often have numerous keyword proposals that they ordinarily would not have thought of displayed on their screens. 

Understanding the competition that different items have

The Page 1 Products feature on MerchantWords helps sellers to reduce the time they spend trying to find out how many people are selling a certain product. Using the feature, sellers are able to receive insights on items that other sellers have researched over time. By displaying a list of top competitors on Amazon, sellers are able to identify the names of items that have helped them succeed. Sellers are able to analyse the competition in the FBA segment and make informed decisions. 

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Creating keywords that are synonymous

MerchantWords comes with a feature known as keyword multiplier that enables users to develop keywords that are similar to those that competitors use in just seconds. The feature is pretty simple - all that sellers have to do is enter a keyword and a list of different suggestions is displayed on the screen, just after the input field. This enables sellers to find creative ideas that they can use to make their products more competitive.

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords uses the keyword concept to enable sellers increase their product visibility on Amazon and consequently increase their sales. The tool works by highlighting the different keywords that buyers use to search for products as well as those that top sellers on the eCommerce site use in their product titles and descriptions. By providing sellers with the actual customer search data and keywords that rank highly on Amazon, sellers can generate ideas to position their items for success on Amazon.

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