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written on 2020-2-27 03:57

The market is a dynamic place which is constantly updated from time to time. A product may be the best selling product for some time and then before we know it another product has taken over. So there is a new to flow with the trend in order to stay in competition with your counterparts in the market. 

Take for example, Amazon, a very large marketplace with millions of sellers and customers buying products daily. It would be hard to keep up with the competition if you don’t sell the right products. 

Imagine a seller selling a pullover all year round in a country that has a hot season. At that particular time of year, the seller will experience low sales. This is because the demand for pullovers at that period is very low.

Product research is the first thing every seller must take note in order to attract more customers and increase sales on Amazon. There are several ways you can do product research, some of which includes:

  • Using google search engine to search for trending products
  • Using Amazon search engine to check high ranking products with a lot of sales.
  • Making use of product research tools. 

These three options can actually carry out the job but the most effective, accurate and quickest method is the third option. Making use of product research tools to find best selling products makes everything easier for Amazon sellers. 

In this article, we will look into the top product research tools for Amazon.

Top Five Amazon Product Research Tools

The difference between a top seller and a low ranked seller might be information. To thrive as a seller on Amazon, you need to stay updated and alert all the time. This would help you understand the latest trends in the market and allow you make the right decisions concerning the product you are selling and price.

Below is a list of ten product research tools we found for Amazon users. 

  • Jungle Scout 

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This is the first on our list of top product research tools for Amazon. It is not a surprise to me because it is one of the most used tools by Amazon sellers for other important activities apart from product research. It is mostly known to offer users with useful search results on the top selling products. Jungle scout gathers its data directly from Amazon which makes it very accurate. You want to know the best products to include in your listing that will yield good profit, try Jungle Scout’s product research tool. 

  • AMZ Tracker

This is an Amazon product research which comes with a lot of features. That’s one of the possible ways of recognizing a good product. AMZ tracker is a great tool for tracking down lucrative products that will earn you more customers. It also gives Amazon sellers the opportunity to gain access to product keywords with the highest number of searches on Amazon. AMZ tracker allows new users to try out their product for about a week before charging a token of $50 per month. 

  • Keyword Inspector 

This online tool wasn’t created for only one purpose. It was developed to cater or solve most problems Amazon sellers may encounter. It was designed specifically to make the lives of sellers easier and better. This tool comes with a number of features which allows it to make quality product research across several niches on Amazon. Keywords are very essential when it comes to making great sales on Amazon. 

  • SellerApp

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SellerApp is also another popular product research tool which allows Amazon users to find the best products to sell on Amazon. Discovering the best product in your niche to add to your listing is equivalent to making high profit on Amazon. SellerApp comes with many features which provides accurate data concerning the top selling products. Amazon has a lot of niches and locating a good product might be very cumbersome. SellerApp can help relieve that stress and provide you with useful data in that regard. Its features include product tracking, research and notifications which display their information in the form of graphs and tables. 

  • AMZScout 

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I don’t think it is possible to talk about Amazon and not mention AMZScout. It is a great online tool also known to provide you with all the necessary information you need to discover the best products in your niche. It’s somewhat similar to Jungle scout in functions and usability. AMZScout offers two options for Amazon sellers- the web app and extension. With this extension, you can get access to estimated sales, monthly profit and price history of a product in any niche on Amazon.


Amazon product research tools are important tools every Amazon seller must have at reach. It is one of the best ways of finding the best products for sale that will improve your brand appearance, increase traffic and earnings.

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