The Best Items to Sell on Amazon

The Best-Rated Amazon Products

If you’re planning to be an Amazon merchant, you’d probably want to know about the top selling items on Amazon. This will not just help you source the right products but will also allow you to focus on the things that might genuinely generate sales. So, what exactly are the items and what steps should one follow for finding them? Let’s find out. 

Choosing Items That Generate Revenues

Choosing the top selling products on Amazon is not always an easy task. While you may always resort to traditional methodologies, the process will be time- intensive and inconvenient. 

But even before we discuss an alternative to this conventional method of manual search, you will first need to identify what makes a top selling Amazon product. Here are some pointers to consider.   

  • The cost of the product should be between $25 to $200.  
  • The item should be lightweight and convenient to pack and ship.  
  • The product should generate 10 or more sales daily.  
  • It should have less than 145 or less reviews.  
  • The minimum margin of profit should be 50% to 70% and the selling price should be 2x to 4x the cost.  
  • The product needs to be available for Express Shipping.   

Once you understand these factors, finding and choosing the best-selling Amazon products will be easier. Note that you can also find the best-selling items on Amazon, by checking the ‘Amazon Best Sellers’ page. This is an official page from Amazon, and it is regularly updated.  

How Does the IO Scout Tool Help Finding the Best Amazon Products? 

 Since you’re now familiar with the features of the highest sold items on Amazon, let’s understand the process of speeding up your search.  A simple way to speed up your search is by using the IO Scout Tool. We’ve used this, and given its excellent features, we will certainly vouch for it. All you need to do is sign up on the platform, and it’ll do the rest for you.  After signing up, you will get the following window.    

best selling amazon products

As evident from this image, you will have the flexibility to choose any category you deem fit. So, whether it’s an appliance, a camera, grocery item, home & kitchen item, pet supply product or anything in between, you can simply choose it to find the best-selling products in that specific category.  

best selling products on amazon

You can further refine the search by entering the minimum and maximum price, number of reviews, the minimum and maximum rank, the minimum and maximum revenue, and the minimum and maximum sales.  We had searched for the top selling appliances without adding any other parameters.   As you can see from this image, the tool has displayed the top appliances with their rating, rank, seller type, price, revenue, and more. This will give you a clear insight into the items you need to sell and what product can ‘actually’ generate money.  The tool is easy to operate, and given the results it generates, it is certainly a 'must-have' for every Amazon merchant.  

Top Selling Amazon Items

 If you’re wondering what are the most bought items on amazon, you’re reading the right list. Over the following sections, we’ve listed a couple of items that aren’t just easy to sell but that also generate significant revenues.  

Games, Dolls and Toys

This is a leading category with incredible profit potential. The best options include collectible dolls, cars for kids, carpets for kids, and more. If you’re planning to sell toys and games, stay updated with the current trends because this category is extremely dynamic.   

Elastic Bands   

Hair bands never go out of fashion and a significant number of consumers love it. Since these products are extremely lightweight, shipping them is equally convenient.   


Gadgets are and will continue to be a leading category on this popular eCommerce giant. Top gadgets include Alexa’s tv remote and speaker. Other great items include Apple Watch and Fujifilm’s instant camera.   

Gloves for Grooming Pets

Since most of us have pets, pet grooming gloves stand out as yet another leading item. As with the elastic bands, these are lightweight and convenient to ship. Since there's not much about the product itself, sellers can pep up its popularity by adding colorful images.   

Grill Mats   

Grilling mats, especially the personalized ones are extremely popular among users. Right now the best selling grill mat has more than 4000 reviews from consumers across the globe.   


When it comes to best selling products on Amazon, you can never go wrong with books. Lightweight and convenient for packaging, selling books also involve low operational costs, simplifying the entire job for Amazon merchants.   

Yoga Mats   

Given our growing dependence on health, more individuals are switching to healthier lifestyles. This is one of the many reasons why yoga mats are and will continue to be a bestselling product on Amazon.   

Bento Boxes   

These boxes have also made their way to the top-sellers list. As with the other products, they have significantly low purchasing, packaging and shipping costs.  

 Final Thoughts  

Now that you have a clear insight into the top-selling Amazon products, what are you waiting for? Use the IO scout tool, choose the best selling Amazon products and start making profits today! Since we also covered a list of top Amazon products, your job will be even easier.

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